Plumbing Fittings in Mumbai

Currently, manufacturing industry has offered the variety of plumbing fittings for smooth day to day operations. As a matter of fact, the techniques associated with our homes plumbing system is quite simple and easy to understand. The fresh water is passed from the reservoir under high pressure to different types of plumbing fittings in Mumbai, such as sinks, bathtubs, water heaters, toilet tanks, etc. Similarly, wastewater is also passed through different drainage pipes, directly to the sewer or septic system.

Various types of plumbing fittings in Mumbai are required for typically smoother operations, and can be referred to be as:


Adaptors are specifically used for connecting different types of piping system, especially PVC or Copper Piping. These adaptors are generally categorized into a male as well as the female type and are allowed to fit into either male if its a female adaptor or female if its a male adaptor. Further categorization of these adaptors takes place on the basis of threaded and non-threaded. However, it should be noted that their threaded version does not require any welding.


A barb is again a kind of connector that connects hoses to the pipe. The barb is usually made up of the male lure at one end and can be connected to the pipe with barb tube, which is either ridged or tapered cone for easy connectivity. The barb may also have a type of clamp for added strength and security. These barbs are either made up of plastic or metal of significant quality to carry either cold or hot water.


A coupling is a system for easy integration of two piping, especially with the same diameter and type. The coupling can many times also be preferred to repair broken or leaky pipes. There are two types of categories in the coupling, which can be referred to be as either compression coupling as well as slip coupling. The compression fitting is generally used for better connectivity of two pipes with the application of rubber gasket, in order to prevent further leakage. Contrary to which, a slip coupling may include two pipes, one of which is fitted in; and is preferred to repair a specific type of damage to the piping.


This type of fitting has opened in all the four sides in order to connect four pipes together. This type of fixture comes with three inlets and one outlet or maybe vice versa.

Double Tape Bushing

These type of plumbing fittings in Mumbai has threads on both outsides as well as the inner side of it to allow better holding capacity.


This type of fitting is generally preferred in case of sinks, or bathtub with an attractive bend, which may remind its users of the elbow joints in our body. The type of fitting is used for changing the direction of water to several degrees ranging from 20 to 90 degrees. Thus, these fittings are being designed and manufactured with the current requirement of the piping system; in order to adapt to different sizes and shapes and for a variety of different applications.